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Fisher Firm | A forest path with a dirt road.

Fisher Firm is a collection of good people wanting to do good for people. It’s as simple as that.

Jefferson Fisher

Managing Partner/CEO

David Fisher

Partner/Chief Litigation Officer

Ronda Harkey

Partner/Chief Immigration Officer

Donean Surratt

Partner/Director of Corporate Litigation

Sierra Fisher

Attorney/Director of Education Law

Kelli Karczewski

Special Counsel/Public Administration Law

Misti Spacek


Kendra Walters

Attorney/Education Law

Jodie Kennemer

Attorney/Education Law

Judson Daws

Attorney/Personal Injury

Matthew Walters

Chief Operations Officer

Elizabeth Herrera

Litigation Paralegal/Case Manager

Alexus Warden

Immigration Case Manager

Julia Arellano

Corporate Case Manager

Amy Ivins

Corporate Case Manager

Melanie Sawyer

Immigration Operations Manager

De'Randa Brown

First Impressions/Pre-Litigation Case Manager

Susan Robinson

Litigation Support Specialist